One Piece 1077 episode a little show impression & consideration


A little show of episode 1077 of One Piece has been announced.

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There is one thing I’m curious about from this little show, so I’ll write about it.

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Sen Momomaru talks

Sen Momomaru says that Egghead Island will meet a fierce attack.

It’s the return of Robin’s hometown, Ohara.

The difference from Ohara is that there are forces on Egghead Island that can fight back such as Luffy.

There is a sign that the yellow monkey is coming, but the current Luffy and the others should be able to compete.

It’s surrounded by 100 warships, so the complete victory seems to be tough, but isn’t it possible to escape?

If you are tracing the case of Ohara, the character involved at that time is likely to appear.

In other words, Kuzan and Sauro!

Kuzan and Sauro have something to think about the Ohara incident, so I think they will move so that the result will not be the same this time.

In other words, it is a joint battle with Luffy on the side of protecting Egghead Island.

It seems that Sauro may also bring the giants.

If you have the scientific power of the four emperors and Kuzan, Sauro, and Vegapunk, you will be able to bounce back the Buster Call!