Impressions & Considerations of One Piece Episode 1077


The story is progressing to episode 1077 of One Piece.

This article is about the impressions and considerations of One Piece 1077 episodes.

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No scene between Shanks and Kid

In episode 1076 of One Piece, the battle between Shanks and Kid was about to begin.

However, it is not drawn at all in episode 1077 of One Piece.

There are a lot of patterns like this.

The result of the battle between Law and Teach is also on hold.

Garp’s movement is also on hold and full of worries.

I’m looking forward to the day when the battle between Shanks and Kid will be drawn.

I want you to draw not only the result but also the process.

Seraphim is strong.

Seraphim is fine with being attacked by Luffy of the Four Emperors and Lucci of CP0.

You can see that the structure of the Lunarian body is built in and the body is sturdy. But it’s too strong!

If Seraphim can be mass-produced, the power balance of the One Piece world will collapse considerably.

Even if the Lunaria people’s body is sturdy, it was good that Luffy could cause damage!

Shaka gets shot.

Sho (Shaka) was shot.

Shaka had a special feeling as a leader in the body of Vega Punk.

I thought Shaka might be the culprit in the mysterious incident happening in Egghead Island.

But I was shot.

Who shot it?

It would be nice to know the culprit who shot next time.

Is the culprit who shot Shaka the culprit of the mysterious incident taking place on Egghead Island?