One Piece Episode 1075 Little Show Impressions & Consideration


A little show of One Piece 1075 episode has been announced.

There are two things I’m curious about from this little show, so I’ll write about it.



Can’t you draw Bibi?

At the end of episode 1074 of the whole episode, Vivi appeared.

I thought I would finally understand what happened to Bibi, but the scene seems to have changed.

I hope it will be drawn about Bibi soon…


Do you know what happened to Pythagoras?

In the episode 1074 episode of One Piece in the whole episode, it seemed that one of the Begapunk’s body, Pythagoras, was attacked by someone.

In episode 1075 of One Piece, it seems to know what happened to Pythagoras.

What happened to Pythagoras?

In the first place, Vegapunk itself is also missing.

There seems to be a high possibility that a mysterious person is sneaking around on Egghead Island.

Who is the mysterious person?

What comes to mind is Caribou.

With the ability of Caribou’s swamp fruit, it seems that we can kidnap Vegapunk.

However, the explosion where Pythagorean was is not in the image of Caribou.

In other words, I expect a new person to appear.

In episode 1075 of One Piece, you may find a person who is making suspicious movements on Egghead Island.