Garp vs Blackbeard Pirates Prediction One Piece Consideration & Prediction & Delusion


In episode 1061 of One Piece, it was confirmed that Garp was going to help Coby.

In other words, you can see Garp vs Blackbeard Pirates.

If it’s Garp, maybe you can defeat the Blackbeard Pirates? You expect that, don’t you?

However, Garp is old.

It will be weaker than when it destroyed the Rocks Pirates.

So I thought about the results of Garp vs Blackbeard Pirates.


Garp victory

I will think about the possibility that Garp will win.

The Blackbeard Pirates was destroyed.

Garp’s seriousness is not drawn in the work.

There is an image of fighting only with Genkotsu, but there may be other cooperative techniques.

There is also a possibility of a devil’s fruit ability.

If Garp is a Zion-type capable person, it’s perfect for the image.

Of course, it is awakened and has the power to overwhelm the Blackbeard Pirates.

What I’m worried about is the ability invalidation with Blackbeard’s Yamiyami fruit, but you can expect to be able to invalidate it with the strong Haki of Garp.

It seems that Garp will go on a rampage on Hachinos Island and destroy the Blackbeard Pirates or run away.

Of course, it’s Coby rescue.

Defeated by Garp Blackbeard

It is simply a pattern that the power of Blackbeard Teach beats Garp.

Even if it is a gap, there is a possibility that you will not be defeated by your age.

Betrayed by Coby

The strange thing is that Coby was kidnapped by Blackbeard.

I don’t understand the merit of Blackbeard Teach’s kidnay, and I think I can escape if it’s as much as Kobe.

There seems to be something behind it.

Garp has resumed with Coby, and if you are careless, there may be a development such as suri from behind.

Frozen by the blue pheasant

There is a high possibility that there is a blue kijikuzan in the Blackbeard Pirates.

Garp vs Blue Kijikzan

I really want to see it.

Both of them are likely to win, but I expect the development that Garp, who doesn’t understand the idea of the blue pheasant, will create a gap and be frozen.

Have you thought about 3 patterns, but what do you think?

I’m looking forward to actually drawing it.