Impressions & Considerations of One Piece Episode 1076


The story is progressing to episode 1076 of One Piece.

This article is writing about the impressions and considerations of One Piece Episode 1076.

Tenryu people and yellow monkeys no turn

Tenryu and yellow monkey appeared in episode 1073 of One Piece, and it was full of atmosphere that a big incident was likely to happen from now on, but this time it was not my turn.

Do you feel like you can’t leave it for a while?

CP0’s Lucci arrived early on Egghead Island, didn’t they?

There was no appearance of Tenryu people and yellow monkeys this time, but it seems that there will be a near future.

What I’m worried about is whether Luffy and the yellow monkey will fight or not.

Luffy is defeating Kaido, the strongest creature on earth.

In other words, I can’t imagine the development that Luffy will lose.

The yellow monkey is also a yellow monkey, and he was trying to go to the Japanese country where Kaido and Big Mom were, so I hope it may be stronger than Kaido.

So I really want to see Luffy vs yellow monkey.

What is the strength of Seraphim?

Luffy, Zoro and Lucci, and Kaku will cooperate.

It’s good to cooperate, but will it take two people to fight against Seraphim?

Luffy is the Four Emperors and Lucci is CP0.

Is Seraphim strong enough for these two strong people to fight together?

Seraphim has been blown away, but is it safe? Or is it down?

It seems that this result will show the strength of Seraphim.

Even if you are attacked by Luffy who also defeated Kaido, it would be a little shocking if Seraphim is healthy.

It’s a pity that an artificial life form called Seraphim will reign at the top of this sea.

I want the strength of Seraphim to be about the executive class of the Four Emperors.

Who caught Vegapunk?

It has been confirmed that Vegapunk is being captured by someone.

Who is caught by?

It means that he has been hiding on Egghead Island for months.

Is that possible?

Egghead Island seems to be a pretty strict security system.

The person who can infiltrate the island for months can only think of the body of Vegapunk.

Shanks vs Kid?

It has been confirmed that Shanks is in Elbuff. I’m surprised!

Kid is also near Elbaaf.

I don’t think anything will happen when these two come across them.

The development that we readers want is the battle between Shanks and Kid, isn’t it?

I think the battle result is Shanks’ victory.

But the kid is getting pretty strong.

I think it will bring out the serious battle of Shanks and the Red-haired Pirates.

Finally, I’m looking forward to seeing the serious battle between Shanks and the Red-haired Pirates.