One Piece 1078 Episode A Little Show Impressions & Considerations


A little show of episode 1078 of One Piece has been announced.

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There are three things I’m curious about from this little show, so I’ll write about it.

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Sen Momomaru appears again.

The whole episode of One Piece 1077 also started from Sen Momomaru, didn’t it?

One Piece Episode 1078 was unexpected.

The character Senmomaru has appeared for a long time, but it doesn’t have a good presence.

I think it will be a great success in this Egghead Island edition.

Waiting for a yellow monkey

It’s a strange situation.

Lucci’s CP0 seems to have been on a mission to wait for the yellow monkey after assassinating Vegapunk.

In terms of CP0 and the Navy, I thought CP0 was superior.

However, this time, I get the impression that CP0 will be arranged for the Navy.

100 warships

In all episodes, it is confirmed that it is surrounded by 100 warships.

I’m very excited to see how Luffy and the others will get through this siege.

Are you going to fight properly?

Are you running away?

I’m looking forward to the day it will be drawn.