One Piece 1079 episodes, impressions & considerations


A little show of One Piece 1079 episode has been announced.

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There is one thing I’m curious about from this little show, so I’ll write about it.

York’s solo criminal

One of the body of Vega Punk is York.

And that York is causing chaos in Egghead Island.

I’m trying to manipulate Seraphim to wipe out the existence from outside such as the Straw Hat Pirates and CP0.

In addition, it is likely to kill the main body of Vega Punk.

It’s hard to think that Vega Punk, which has been a mystery for a long time, will be easily killed, but it’s quite a pinch.

I’m looking forward to seeing who will save this pinch.

If it’s York alone, don’t you have that much fighting ability?

There is an atmosphere that seems to use the weapons invented by Vegapunk.

I can’t wait to know what York is going to do with the navy surrounding Egghead Island.