Impressions & Considerations of One Piece 1080 Episode


The story is progressing to episode 1080 of One Piece.

This article is about the impressions and considerations of the One Piece 1080 episode.

Garp is strong!

Garp is the main character in the One Piece 1080 episode!

Garp’s appearance is too cool!

The punch that will be wearing the king-colored Haki is super strong.

I’m destroying the city with one shot.

There has never been a character who strikes such a strong punch, right?

It seems to be stronger than Luffy and Kaido.

If I didn’t have this much ability, I wouldn’t have been able to fight with the pirate king Roger.

It seems that Blackbeard Teach is absent in Pirate Island Hachinos.

In addition, it seems that there are only four executives, Shiryu, Avaropisaro, San Juan Wolf, and Vasco Shot.

The ability of these four people is unknown, but I don’t think Garp will lose.

Garp, who hits the strongest punch in the work, can’t lose.

In addition, Garp has a lot of combat experience.

You should be able to respond even if the enemy makes an unknown attack.

Therefore, I expect Garp to win and the pirate island Hachinos will be destroyed.

What is Garp’s reward?

Cross Guild put a 500 million berry bounty on Coby.

Garp should also have a reward.

How much is the reward?

I expect it to be the same 3 billion berry as Luffy.

About Kuzan

Kuzan is normally familiar with the Blackbeard Pirates.

It is still unknown why Kuzan is in the Blackbeard Pirates.

I don’t think Kuzan became a pirate from the bottom here.

I want to know what you’re thinking as soon as possible.