One Piece Episode 1081 One Piece Consideration & Prediction & Delusion


The story is progressing to episode 1081 of One Piece.

This article is about the impressions and considerations of One Piece 1081 episodes.

Garp vs Kuzan

Garp vs Kuzan has started.

I never imagined that I could see the battle between these two.

It is an image that Garp is also the strongest and Kuzan is also the strongest.

It doesn’t matter which one wins.

But if Garp loses, the naval team will be annihilated.

I expect Garp to win or draw.

Kuzan is loose.

I feel loose how Kuzan joined the Blackbeard Pirates.

I feel sorry because I believed that I was in the Blackbeard Pirates in the undercover investigation.

Law defeat

It has been confirmed that Lowe was defeated by Blackbeard Teach.

Didn’t you think Lo could win? It’s a shock that the loss was confirmed.

Lo is already like Luffy’s friend.

I lost, but I’m relieved that I’ll be able to escape safely.

I was worried that my ability would be taken.

If it feels like this, it seems that he will rise again and play an active role again.

It would be very hot if Luffy came as a reinforcement when he fought with Blackbeard Teach.

This is the second time Lowe has lost.

I’m also losing to Doflamingo.

As expected, it is excluded from the pirate king candidate.