One Piece 1081 episode a little show impression & consideration


A little show of One Piece Episode 1081 has been announced.

There is one thing I’m curious about from this little show, so I’ll write about it.

Continue to Garp

In episode 1080 of One Piece, Garp finished with a great punch on Hachinos Pirate Island.

I thought this continuation would be a few more episodes later, but I’m very happy that it continues to be like Garp.

What I can predict from this little show is that Garp’s battle may continue to be drawn.

Garp is called a hero.

We have a track record of fighting the pirate king Roger and destroying the worst pirate group, the Rocks Pirates.

However, a full-fledged battle has not been drawn until now.

It’s good, I’m very happy to see a full-fledged battle.

In the One Piece 1080 episode, he showed me a greater punch than anyone else in the work.

It’s an attack with a stronger impact than Kaido.

I feel the strongest in the work.

However, it is unlikely that the home base of the Blackbeard Teach of the Four Emperors will be destroyed.

It is also confirmed that there are executives such as Shiryu.

Therefore, I expect Garp’s defeat to be intense.

If Garp, who is likely to win in ability, is defeated, I expect a development that he will protect Coby and lose.

My personal hope is a draw.

It is a development that there is neither the defeat of Garp nor the destruction of Hachinos Island.

I want to read episode 1081 of One Piece as soon as possible.