One Piece 1083 Episode A Little Show Impressions & Considerations


A little show of episode 1083 of One Piece has been announced.

There are two things I’m curious about from this little show, so I’ll write about it.

Sabo continues to appear

It seems that the appearance of Sabo continues in episode 1083 of One Piece.

Good! That’s the feeling.

Finally, it seems that we can talk about the truth of the incident that happened at the world conference!

I’m really looking forward to it.

What happened at the world conference?

Sabo says that he has fulfilled all his duties.

Did this disturbance happen because Sabo did the mission of the revolutionary army?

Or was it originally planned?

I expect that the incident that happened to King Cobra is because King Cobra made too many remarks on the Five Old Stars.

You may be able to understand what that statement is in episode 1083 of One Piece.

Is it the abolition of world aristocracy?

What I’m also curious about is the identity of Mr. Im.

I hope Sabo will talk about Mr. Im.