One Piece Episode 1083 One Piece Consideration & Prediction & Delusion


The story is progressing to episode 1083 of One Piece.

This article is writing the impressions and considerations of One Piece Episode 1083.

Revolutionary army leaders are strong.

I’ve known for a long time that the leaders of the revolutionary army, Admiral Green Cow and Fujitora fought in Marie Joa, but I didn’t think they were fighting so hard.

I know that the generals are not serious because they are afraid of damage, but the strength of the leaders of the revolutionary army was quite transmitted.

This member has a dragon, the leader of the revolutionary army.

The dragon is Luffy’s father.

The dragon is the son of Garp.

It is certain that the combat ability is high!

Recently, Garp showed me a tremendous punch.

It’s a punch that seems to be the strongest in the work.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of great attack the dragon will make.

The strength of such a revolutionary army will be close to the Four Emperors.

If Luffy and the revolutionary army team up, it seems that they will be able to have a stronger force than the other four emperors and the navy!

I’m looking forward to the future development!