Impressions & Consideration of One Piece Episode 1075


The story is progressing to episode 1075 of One Piece.

This article is writing about the impressions and considerations of episode 1075 of One Piece.

Tenryu people and yellow monkeys no turn

Tenryu and yellow monkey appeared in episode 1073 of One Piece, and it was full of atmosphere that a big incident was likely to happen from now on, but this time it was not my turn.

Do you feel like you can’t leave it for a while?

CP0’s Lucci arrived early on Egghead Island, didn’t they?

There was no appearance of Tenryu people and yellow monkeys this time, but it seems that there will be a near future.

What I’m worried about is whether Luffy and the yellow monkey will fight or not.

Luffy is defeating Kaido, the strongest creature on earth.

In other words, I can’t imagine the development that Luffy will lose.

The yellow monkey is also a yellow monkey, and he was trying to go to the Japanese country where Kaido and Big Mom were, so I hope it may be stronger than Kaido.

So I really want to see Luffy vs yellow monkey.

Under whose order is Seraphim working?

Whose order is Seraphim working on?

If you don’t listen to the order of Vegapunk’s body, it seems that Vegapunk itself is ordering.

Another possibility is that the five-year-old star seems to be ordering it, but is there a possibility that there is a five-year-old star on Egghead Island?

I will think about whose order Seraphim is working on and what the purpose is.

The main body of Vegapunk is moving.

There is a possibility that the main body of Vegapunk is moving.

I think the reason is that it is related to Bartholomew and bear.

The bear seems to have a pretty big secret.

The secret is about to be known to the bear’s daughter, Bonnie.

Vegapunk may be thinking of erasing everyone on the island to protect the secrets of bears.

However, Vegapunk doesn’t seem to be such a reckless thing.

In addition, contradictions are created because it seems that Vegapunk seems to be able to share what Vegapunk is thinking.

Vegapunk is being manipulated.

There is a possibility that Vegapunk is being manipulated.

Speaking of manipulating, is it Lafite of the Blackbeard Pirates?

The five old stars are manipulating it.

There is an atmosphere that the five old stars are heading for the yellow monkey and Egghead Island.

There may be a possibility that it has already arrived and is hiding.

It seems that there is a possibility that the yellow monkey is taking care so that the five old stars do not appear in public.

Or maybe it can be controlled remotely from Marijoa.

My ego sprouted in Seraphim.

I think there is a possibility that the ego has sprouted in Seraphim.

Seraphim is said to be the strongest human being.

It’s unnatural that the strongest human race only obeys orders forever.

The Seraphim may have had an ego and started to move to the top themselves.

Are Luffy and Lucci fighting together?

There is a possibility that Luffy and Lucci will fight together.

It is the royal road of boy comics that the enemy character becomes a friend, but I didn’t expect Lucci to become a friend.

However, there is no one that can’t be trusted as much as Lucci.

Lucci is faithful to the orders of the world government.

You don’t seem to have feelings such as in-law and humanity.

I’m afraid that there will be a chance to kidnap Robin by Luffy and the others.