One Piece Episode 1076 A Little Show Impressions & Consideration


A little show of One Piece episode 1076 has been announced.

There are two things I’m curious about from this little show, so I’ll write about it.

It’s been going on since episode 1075 of One Piece.

At the end of episode 1075 of One Piece, CP0’s Lucci and Kaku offered Luffy and Zoro to fight together.

It seems that the episode 1076 of One Piece will continue from this scene.

Recently, the scene of One Piece changes a lot, so I have a feeling that the Egg Head Island edition will be drawn in earnest.

Will Luffy and Lucci cooperate?

Will Luffy and Lucci cooperate?

I expect to cooperate.

I think it’s Luffy’s personality and cooperation as a boy’s manga.

However, even if we cooperate, we don’t feel that it’s a very hot development.

Luffy and Lucci’s abilities have been greatly separated.

You can’t feel the boss-like intimidation from Lucci anymore.

In addition, Lucci is at the mercy of the world government. It is also expected to betray you suddenly.

Therefore, we will cooperate, but I expect that it will not be exciting.