Impressions & Considerations of One Piece Episode 1079


The story is progressing to episode 1079 of One Piece.

This article is about the impressions and considerations of One Piece 1079 episodes.

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What is York’s aim?

York’s dream seems to be to become a Tenryu man.

But at this rate, it will be erased by the world government.

York seems to have an aim, but what is it?

It may be to take Vegapunk’s inventions and world government officials as hostages.

Or maybe he is aiming for a frontal breakthrough with a weapon developed by Vegapunk.

Seraphim is likely to be taken by Tenryujin, but maybe there is a way to nullify Tenryujin’s orders.

If it’s Seraphim, it seems to be able to break through the navy’s siege.

Blackbeard is coming.

It has been confirmed that the Blackbeard ship is near Egghead Island.

Blackbeard appears everywhere.

I’ll think about Blackbeard’s aim.

I think Vegapunk and its weapons are the most powerful.

I think there is a possibility of fighting with Luffy to protect Vegapunk from the Navy.

I feel like I’m going to betray Luffy on the way.

Or, Blackbeard’s aim seems to be Luffy’s possibility.

It’s more like the aim of the fruit of Nikanica than Luffy.

In that case, Luffy is in a big pinch because he is targeted by the Navy and Blackbeard.

Shanks is cool.

Shanks defeated Kid and Killer in an instant.

Kid and Killer stood up even after being attacked by Kaido and Big Mom in the Japanese country.

But Shanks killed Kid and Killer in one shot.

Shanks is stronger than Kaido and Big Mum!

What will happen to Kid and Killer?

Will Kid and Killer be eliminated as it is?

I think it’s difficult to revive because even the ship has been destroyed.

If there is a possibility of revival, I think it will be under the umbrella of the Red Hair Pirates.